abstract ethereal

Original Alcohol Ink Paintings

Museum Quality Prints

by Sarah Louisignau

museum quality prints

Original artwork printed on large format metallic or photo paper and mounted on art board, shipped ready for hanging anywhere, from your boardroom to your bedroom.

With a myriad of printing options, you can find something that fits your space perfectly, inspiring an uplifting state of mind and natural curiosity.

original artwork to brighten any space

Is your livingroom in need of a little splash of color that will take you into a calm state of mind just by gazing at it? Maybe you have a public lobby, hotel, or office that could use an inviting, conversation starting piece of abstract art.  I have some beautiful original pieces that are one-of-a-kind, ready for hanging, and available for shipping anywhere!

custom art inspired by your story

Sarah listens for the spark of innate beauty in love stories, personal recovery stories, company visions, and stories of everyday humanity… then she paints it in ink. She has a gift of bringing the formless nature of feeling into form that last a lifetime through one-of-a-kind commissioned paintings.

pussy empowerment thru art

Creating these paintings was about demystifying the vulva, reclaiming the diversity of shape and color of each woman’s unique flower, and bringing the word ‘Pussy’ out of the taboo closet. Prints and custom abstract portraits available, as well as a 2021 Lunar Pussy Calendar!

BONUSES for the Lunar Pussy Calendar!

Thank you so much! Whether you purchased a Lunar Pussy Calendar, or if you received one as a gift, I have created some additional bonuses!

Many people asked for these resources, so I listened, asked for guidance, and opened into this incredibly creative space, and the Calendar Companion and Workbook came to be. 

This whole process of creation has felt just like a WHOOSH! I am eternally grateful for the collective, galactic, and ancestral wisdom that channeled through me to make this art, and these resources for you. 

The Lunar Pussy Calendar Companion

A sweet little guide to synching with your infradian rhythm, and with the lunar cycle.

What is the infradian rhythm? How does it affect my female biology? What benefits await me if I synchronize my life to this 28 day rhythm? What are the 4 menstrual phases? How do they correspond with the 4 lunar phases? How does this affect me?

The Lunar Pussy Calendar Workbook

A beautiful workbook to guide you and keep notes.

What if your symptoms were not wrong, but are simply information?

What are the signals to be mindful of in my cycle? What is the 5th Vital Sign? What are the lunar phases each month, and what are my menstrual phases doing throughout the year? How do they interact and synch up?

The 2021 Lunar Pussy Calendar

Here’s the link to purchase a calendar for a girlfriend, sister, mother, wife, or bestie. Share the gift of greater vitality, easier symptoms, and ancient connection with lunar energies!


Love love, Sarah