Who is the 'Artist'?

sarah begins by listening for a spark: in love stories, personal recovery stories, company visions, and stories of everyday humanity… then she paints it in ink.

she’s spent the last 15 years since art school unbecoming an ‘artist’ (a doer of art), and humbly discovering how let intuitive art create itself through her.

sarah paints from wisdom, harnessing flow states, the indescribable, the undercurrents, the unseen… and guides the energy behind life through the medium of alcohol ink, which is very responsive to such abstract inspiration.

My Team <3

Kjetil Odin

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Lillian Belle

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Past Events:

HIGHLIGHT REEL from the Taproot Exhibition Opening 

This fall 2019 I have an exhibition on display at Taproot Cider House in Traverse City Michigan. The show opened with a dance party, where I created a piece of art LIVE, surrounded by community. It was magical! 

The show goes through the Holidays and pieces are for sale. They are also found here on the Original Art section of my store!
Thanks to Jen at Taproot for being a sorceress of spaces, Tyler my incredible music alchemist, all the amazing friends who came out to dance, and of course my beloved Kjetil Odin who keeps me dreaming big and going for crazy shit like this event. I couldn’t have done it without you babe. ❤️❤️❤️