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Simple Love

This is about LOVE and authenticity.

My husband had an idea that it would be fun to do an experiment. He asked me to paint the feeling of simple love, embraced.

He suggested a few guidelines: stop before you think it’s finished. Listen for your own interpretation of my directions.

Usually I start with a feeling of inspiration for a piece, like the spitfire love of a grandmother, an expansive beautiful vista, or a spiritual portrait of an interesting person.

So I played along, and proceeded to use the colors and shapes and theme he gave me.

I ‘followed the rules’ and compromised more than I realized, because at a point I found myself looking at this piece, wondering what the hell happened.

It upset me at first, I felt like my creative process was being messed with by this request.

Then after a period of resenting him for ruining a perfectly good piece of paper, I realized it.

He gave me the cue but in my desire to play along, I missed it.

I didn’t create from authenticity.

It was right there on the paper, a literal portrayal of my choice to abandon my creativity and ‘do what I thought he wanted me to do’…

It took half a day, but eventually I saw what he was pointing to. That there was a GIFT in this mistake. It showed me quite literally what it looks and feels like to abandon authenticity.

So I am sharing it with you all, sharing my ‘mistake’ – which now actually seems beautiful.

I shared this on social media, the image and the the story. And the response from people was overwhelming…

Some said this was their favorite piece yet, people felt the simple love, the embrace, the rawness…

And again I was humbled. 

I have no idea what authenticity is it seems! The ‘me” who ‘does art’ didn’t like this piece. 

My husband commented: ” I wonder how confused we all are about this topic of authenticity, as if real authenticity has anything to do with our personal doings, or our likes or dislikes about what is created through us. “

I learned that you can’t do authenticity. 

And I’m a bit less arrogant about how art comes through me after this experiment.

Thanks to KO for this challenge, and for this life of exploring what true authenticity is. <3