the pussy & creativity are linked.

I love pointing female artists toward where creativity and inspiration really come from. Their womb space.

I love supporting women to cultivate a lifestyle, with rituals and practices to nurture self connection, authentic expression, and a deep reverence for the mysteries and magic of their pussies. 

Reconnecting with our pussies is deeply intimate. And so is creating art. And I believe there is a direct link between these spaces. 

How we approach one shows us clues to how we approach the other, and when discord between the two is tangible, sometimes we fall into ‘unhealthy femininity’. 

The Art of the Feminine Approach is about harmonizing ourselves, so the internal world of how we nurture our womb space aligns with how we express our creativity externally.

Don’t think you’re creative or an ‘artist’? I’ve heard that before. I’ve thought that before, like when I dropped out of art school.

But listen, art is not about producing things to hang on walls, it’s about tending to the dreams we hold in our bodies, it’s about reverence and awe, it’s about opening our hearts to the world and allowing ourselves to be part of it. 

mentorship & group coaching

I am available for working one-on-one, and in group, with women who are creating BIG in the world, and want support. For me, I know I would never have dared to dream as big as I have, were it not for the support of other powerful women in my corner. 

In my one-on-one alliances I work in one, three, or six month packages, with just a handful of women each year. I run group programs as it inspires me, or when there is a demand. Currently I do not have any group offers on the books…

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"Working with Sarah Lou was a pivotal experience for me. I was painfully stuck, and during our first conversation I started to get key insights that catapulted me into a refreshed internally generated perspective that has changed me to my core. "

Ima James

pussy empowerment thru art

I am honored to act as a catalyst for women seeking to reclaim themselves, their pussies and womb spaces, and to awaken their unique authentic feminine expression. 

This project is meant to symbolize a rite of passage for a woman. Intentions may be: reclaiming her body after childbirth, cleansing after a separation, purifying and realigning after deep trauma or trespass healing, commemorating a creative or reproductive milestone, awaken a relationship with healthy sexuality, or simply to celebrate . 

Together we dig into the intentions of letting go and calling in, name and witness, and acknowledge your ‘pelvic journey’ to come full circle.

Then I open myself as a channel to create a unique visual art representation of a new chapter of your pussy journey. 

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