Hello I'm Sarah and I love helping creative women get 'unstuck' as artists.


I love pointing female artist toward where creativity and inspiration really come from.

There’s an innate capacity for us all to be open conduits for the energy behind life to move through us. Athletes call this being in the zone, or in the flow.

If you’re a creative type, you know that feeling, when inspiration comes from out of the blue. These moments are what we live for. Often artists are very open, as sensitive members of society who receive messages that the masses are meant to hear.

Sometimes a creative idea for a project whispers in your ear, flaring up all your insecurities about ‘yourself as an artist’. It is these moments where we are shown how hugely connected all life is, how our little personalities are really just a mirage, and if we are brave, we can create from a connection to life that blows ‘us’ away.

The amazing thing is, when we say yes like that, when we say yes to being blown wide open, we say yes to letting go our grip on our personal preferences, including all the insecurities and feelings of unworthiness.

That’s my story exactly, from a very young age I loved creating art, photography and drawing were my passions in my teens. I worked really hard to save up money to get into art school. When I finally got there though, the cacophony of comparison thinking hit me in the gut, deflating my belief in myself. I dropped out, with only a few semesters left to graduate. I thought I wasn’t good enough to justify all the expenses and time it would take to follow through. Looking back, I wouldn’t change anything, because I learned a lot in that journey, but I wish I had a mentor who told it to me truthfully.

You don’t need to accomplish anything in your outside life, and that’s not where your creativity comes from. Creativity is innate to all human beings, because it’s not our little minds that give us that spark, or the things we do outside – it comes from the greater energy behind life, which is inside us!

So I spent the next decade or so creating underground, hiding my sparkI longed for connecting with that greater energy through creating art, but I was too afraid.

Things came to a head at one of the lowest points of my life, where I was stuck in so many ways, relationship, career, intimacy with the world… all I could produce artistically was black and white ink drawings… I was facing loosing my marriage and everything with it.

Then something snapped inside me. I had an incredible realization about the nature of mind, thought, and consciousness that woke me up. I realized how I was keeping myself stuck, how it was NOT my circumstances that were causing me to suffer. The insight I had was so simple, yet the feeling was deeply profound.

It was like coming HOME. Suddenly my relationship righted itself, and my creativity exploded!! COLOR came pouring out of me, inspiration flooded me, and I feel more one with the greater energy behind life than ever before.

When I help women get creatively ‘unstuck’ and tap in to the creative energy behind life, they become a clear channel for that radiance that is inside all of us, which connects us to all life. They report truly knowing a Superpower. Not just creatively, but in every area of their lives: work, family, intimacy, because it’s all connected.

I offer group coaching, retreats, and one-on-one intensives for women, and sometimes couples (with my incredible husband Kjetil Odin). In these sessions we slow down, so you can let your mind settle, let your body relax, and let the wisdom you seek bubble up from within. Believe me, it’s there inside, not outside of you, that you want to look. My job is to help you get grounded enough to finally see.

"Working with Sarah Lou was a pivotal experience for me. I was painfully stuck, and during our first conversation I started to get key insights that catapulted me into a refreshed internally generated perspective that has changed me to my core. "

Ima James

Enjoy these videos and get a feel for my work:


What’s up with those moods!
Sometimes I feel trapped in them.

That’s made me very uncomfortable in the past.
Something I’ve realized lately has given me a rush of freedom though!
And I’m going to share about that in this video.


I had a mystical night of in between dreams that saved my life.

I was obsessing about how my money situation was keeping me STUCK. I was shown the truth about what offers mobility and freedom in life and *surprise* it’s not money!

Where did this clarity come from?

Wow, I’ll wonder about that with appreciation for the rest of my days I’m sure.


I feel shitty because… insert outside circumstances. Ever feel like you have an intellectual strangle-hold on your experience, constantly analyzing your mood, state of your pelvic floor, and level of mindfulness? 

Trying to UNDERSTAND WHY every little thought or feeling passes through? Have a lot of stories about why…? 

Well, in this video I share about how I see it now, after decades of self-work, trying to unpack and do shadow work from my intellect… I share how something more effortless, kind, and whole is possible. It leaves you with a good feeling about life, so watch!


Looking back at life with a creative and opportunistic mind, it interesting how memory is so unreliable!

So yesterday I watched a video of myself from 3 years ago, and something totally surprised me.. I was looking for a boost in confidence, as I venture out again after a hiatus from posting live videos, and even from coaching.

I thought I was going to look back and think, aw how cute, I’ve come so far! An awkward, less evolved version of me was not what I saw at all! Watch for the surprise and the big insight I had as a result..

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