Intuitive Portraits

Intuitive Soul Portraits = JOY


In combining art, intuition, and the magic of life, I’m offering custom intuitive portraits. Each individualized, original piece of art is channeled through and created by Sarah, with ink on 5”x7” or 9″x12″ yupo paper.

Every portrait is completely unique to the individual for whom it is intended.  What’s inside your soul, the REAL you? Sarah has a way of capturing the innocence and beauty of humanity, the very essence of life, and showcasing it in unique colorful abstract portraits.

Commemorate a transition, honor a milestone, a friend, a child, a pet, or your own radiant self!

JOY. You know the feeling, and the look of it on your daughter’s face, but those experiences can be fleeting. Make it last for a lifetime with an Intuitive Portrait.

Purchase Yours Here:
5" x 7" | $60
9" x 12" | $75