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Have you ever been worse off after feeling deep beautiful feelings?

Are you tired of trying to find or fix your romantic partner?

I founded Innate Solutions together with my husband, Kjetil Odin Strand. My favorite work we do comes from us observing how so many of our clients either found their ideal life partner, or rekindled love with an existing partner, shortly after working with us. If you find yourself stuck in a loop in love, then let's talk. There are a few simple truths that we've found to be universally helpful for people ready to break free and love for real.


Would it be ridiculous to see if we can support you?

Get Ready

Yes, it's about getting relationship ready - but really you're going to raise your consciousness so much your entire life leaps to the next level.

Get Grounded

Free from the shackles of the past, and the time wasting efforts of 'spiritual detours' and excessive 'inner work' - it's time to realize your innate wisdom.

Get Connected

When you're truly open and free inside, you will effortlessly create a beautiful next chapter in relationship with your new (or existing) life partner.

Here are a few videos to show you how we roll...

Would it be a bad idea to explore what we could do together?

Loving connection is only one thought away, no matter what you’ve been through…

Let’s schedule a time to talk if you’re resonating with this.

We do the initial consultation for free, and it could be the most powerful conversation you’ve had in a long time… what do you have to loose?

We look forward to speaking with you! 

Love, Sarah & Kjetil